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IK Ogbonna’s estranged wife, Sonia Morales, has shared her thoughts about upbringing. In her statement she claimed that not all values taught by parents are right.
See her post below:

I still believe we gotta unlearn everything we were taught to find out your true strength, super powers and who u truly are.
You are not your parents. Not everything they teach is right.They just humans too.U can’t teach what you dont know, and you can see how far they reached with what they know. The truth is they want the best for you but they don’t always know the best.

Stop seeing the judging the world through their eyes and beliefs. Stop manifesting their own fears and limitations on you. That’s why i said you gotta “unlearn”, so nothing would hold you back.
Your vision and passion is a gift God gave to you Only and not to your parents so dont feel bad or discouraged if they dont show love, understanding or support towards ur life path. Just keep following your guts and once you prove them wrong trust me they will be happy.
2:51 AM

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