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December 17th Muhammadu Buhari will turn 76 years old
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari tried to dispel rumors that he allegedly died and was replaced by a double. In social networks earlier it was suggested that instead of a real president, a certain Sudanese man named Jubril appears before the public.
75-year-old Buhari intends to participate in the presidential elections in February 2019, but since 2015 he has experienced serious health problems. In 2017, he went to Britain for three months, taking sick leave.
Speaking at the UN climate conference in Poland, the Nigerian leader called gossip about his health “ignorant and godless.”

“Many hoped that I died during the illness. Some even asked the vice-president to appoint them as his deputies, believing that I was dead. This, of course, embarrassed him [the vice-president]. He came to me in London, when I recovered … It is really me, I assure you, “- said Bukhari.
The President acknowledged that “he had never been so ill in his entire life,” but did not specify the nature of his illness and assured that he was completely cured.
The former vice-president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, 72, is considered the main rival of Buhari in the upcoming elections.

The opposition intends to focus voters on the health problems of the current president, but Buhari claims that he is “still full of energy.”
According to the agency France-Press, rumors about the deterioration of health policies began to circulate on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks at the end of last year, and posts with such content gained more than 500 thousand views.
The agency notes that among those who dispel these rumors were the former president of the country Goodluck Jonathan, as well as the leader of the separatist group “Indigenous peoples of Biafra” Nnamdi Kanu.

In his “Twitter” Kanu even published two photos of Buhari, one of which he wrote with his left hand, and the other with his right hand. He also asked the presidential administration to clarify these pictures.
Here we have a supposed old man between 76-85 yrs that suddenly switched his writing hand from left to right.

Could the @AsoRock handlers of Jubril clarify this mix-up?

We are patiently waiting for answers and I believe millions of people deserve an explanation.@NGRPresident

Many Nigerians are surprised that President Buhari decided to respond to the extraordinary allegations that he allegedly has a counterpart named Jubril.
For several months, such statements were perceived as online jokes or fake news and were ignored by many serious media resources.
However, this information was used by Buhari’s ill-wishers to draw attention to his health problems.
Contrary to the expectations of the presidential aides, his statement that he is not a clone, can only increase interest in his health as he prepares for a grueling election campaign.
4:23 AM

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