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It was a successful seminar/show business projection held at Peesba hotel on the 1st December, 2017. Where resource persons came out massively to deliberate on the issues affecting Rivers State entertainment industry. Questions were asked, suggestions were made after receiving motivating and inspiring lectures from each of the speakers.

The speakers used their experiences in the business to narrate and talk about the problems the industry is suffering from at the moment, and some vital points where made which are:

Unity in the industry we help both the young and old, senior and junior colleagues to achieve their goals respectively, but lack of unity will only lead to division in the industry.

It was pointed out boldly that cabal/cartels in Rivers State entertainment industry will only leads to destrotion, poor growth, lack of concentration and rooms for hatred amoung the entertainers. In their speech they said all the entertainers should act like one and they should desease from the habit of forming unnecessary groups that can't lead to success.

As the word implies, entertainment is only meant for those who are creative, those who can write and sing, those who can write and edit their jokes, those who can thrill their fans and audience on stage. But due to lack of it people who force themselves to into the entertainment business always create havoc and most times do social media jokes. In order to improve the level of one's creative or thinking, proper research among the entertainers, learn from people who is ahead of the business (Reliable Senior Colleagues) and ask questions where it is necessary.


While still lecturing the audience, it was noted that dress code helps an entertainer to win respect to his or herself on stage or in the public. Appearances portrait the attitude of an individual without being told and it is necessary for every entertainer to look good because of their fans are looking up to them as their role model in the street and in the industry. Event Charging in the entertainment industry has to do with understanding, all entertainers have the equal rights to charge high or low as the case may be in order to help them foot their bills. The speaker on this issues franks at some of the entertainers who are not sincere to their colleagues when it comes to event charging and he also kicks against those who always settled for less.

seriousness as we all know is one of the keys to success he said, and it's one of the main reason that will attract the government, investors and some private sectors to come into Rivers State entertainment industry, pave ways for support and sponsorship, create rooms for brand ambassadors in the state. Lack of it in the industry will only encourage outsiders to be Lords over the entertainment industry in the state. He urged all the entertainers in the state to sit up, put all amount of seriousness if they want to win their city and it should go with persistence, perseverance and hard working.

Lack of structure in the industry will continue to give birth to cabal/cartels, division and disunity. But where there is a good and reliable structure in Rivers State entertainment industry, the industry will experience growth without limitations and it will lead to attractive industry in the state for people to invest in it.

Rivers State entertainment industry, In this aspect are suffering alot because everyone one is a Lord over his or herself, belongs to one cartel/cabal, no leader, no proper investigation, no good consultation from the stakeholders or colleagues, and no committee to check and arrange events in the state. It was suggested that before planning any event of its kind to take place in the state, the aim and vision of it should be made know to the stakeholders and a committee should be formed to monitor and arrange events, to help, descipline and correct some of the entertainers in the state, because this is only reason where an entertainer or event planner/manager can will good numbers people in his or her event.

A blogger who speaks on this aspect of entertainment in Rivers State franks at the way bloggers are being treated in the state, no good payment for services rathering, poor recognition at any event by the Mcs/Comedians because they see the bloggers as cheap people. He also talks about the lack of seriousness of some River state bloggers who are not ready to work hard or help Rivers State entertainment industry to go higher than what it is now. Having knowning the advantages, importance of blogging he pleaded with all the bloggers operating in the state to take blogging serious, support and encourage the entertainers with good and intensive hyping on all their platform and social media accounts, listen to radio and television programs, make use of hashtags while reporting any upcoming / ongoing events in the state.

Poor content sends poor and false messages to people, fans, and investors. The entertainers operating in the state should be a good reason why the bloggers are working, by feeding them with good content about themselves, events and otherwise. The lack the knowledge of making the bloggers their friend on social media, poor interactions, poor relationship between them and the bloggers but only value them when they need a post. The speak ask every entertainer to create and maintain one name on social media accounts for easily access by their fans and should be able to spend good time on line.

The speaker boldly said the blueprint and the way forward starts from now, the industry is fertile and the only way to achieve from it is that there should be a structure, good leaders, cooperation, unity, love, humility, respect for each other, honest and sincerity among the entertainers operating in the state. The blueprint cannot work if there are division, cabal/cartels, hatred, tribalism in the industry.

 To conclude he said we must work together for good of the state and the name should be change from Port Harcourt Show Biz Projection to Rivers State Show Biz Projection, for the benefit of those who are not in the heart of the town. 

In our interaction with the men behind the movement Baba Funky, MC Gooddy, Bishop aka Charles, they promise to work with everyone that is ready  to contribute to the growth of the River state entertainment industry. More meetings and seminars should be expected from them from next year.
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