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Nollywood beauty, Bukola Ogundare, announced herself as a force In 2011 when featured in the movie, “Kamadupe,” but underlined her seriousness when she produced her own movie “Ife Okan”, from where she has become a prominent force.
 Today she reveals to use she can never be part of what the industry calls babymama syndrome because she desires to be under the same roof with her husband and children even if she has to tolerate another woman in the house.
In her words “I don’t think babymama is a trend only in the movie industry, It happens to a lot of people out there too. I pray it never happens to me because I want to live under the same roof with the father of my children.
For me, though I am not God, but it can never happen because I only move around with people I know that whenever I get pregnant, they will accept me and my child, since we both love each other,” she said. “It might even be a married man If God says.
If I get married to a single guy and he decides to marry another wife, will I kill myself or walk out of the marriage? Hell no, so everything depends on how God says its going to be. But people should realise that celebrities are also normal human beings and not different from anyone else.”
7:27 AM

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