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At the golden age of fifty, we all expected Emeka Ike to be happy having a blast enjoying the goodness of live with his wife Suzanne Emma and his four adorable children but that is not the case with our star actor who is still gabbling with why his wife, filed for divorce.
The star of “one hundred days in the jungle,” says the allegation of wife battery brought against by his wife him are not but a big lie and even his children attested to that in court. The ageless actor also blames Chris Okotie whom he believes should have used his good office as a spiritual father to settle the issues with his wife but he said Okotie chose to act other wise.
“The guy who is confusing my wife attends his church. He’s one of the elders of the church. It’s a church arrangement. When there is crisis in the family, a true man of God should invite both husband and wife with the aim of resolving their differences but Chris Okotie refused to pick my calls. Whenever I called him on the telephone, he usually avoided my calls. As a man of God, he was supposed to use his position to save our marriage.
I didn’t chase my wife out of my house, I wanted Chris Okotie to advise her to return to her husband but he refused to pick my calls. He did not bother to find out what went wrong between us.
While I am still alive, my wife was demanding that I should ‘will’ part of my property to her. She shut down a school I spent millions of naira to establish. Who was telling her to make such a demand? Where is she taking the property to? What happens to our children who will inherit my property? She was insisting on getting her own share of my property.
Do the children miss her and will he take her back? Ike replied that she is still his wife, but he needs to know if she has change  “Love never dies. Real love doesn’t die, forget what we are talking about.
The Bible says that “love covers multitude of sin.” She’s the mother of my children… I don’t need to marry again, but I need to know what was wrong with my wife. I need to know why she started blackmailing me.”
On the children missing her he submitted …
“They are not because they feel disappointed in her. She was their heroine. Her son was begging her, saying “mummy please come back because of me.”
But she replied him; “I am going to marry another man and have other children.” If you can say that to your first son, it’s either you have a mental problem or you are not okay spiritually. She even said to the judge that she wanted to have other children after having four children. What is wrong with her? Her case beats my imagination.
have been blackmailed, undermined and I have been crushed. She closed down my school on the day I travelled, an investment that a student at St Nicholas was paying N385, 000, per session as school fees amounting to N880,000 every year.
She went to the landlord and asked him to come and reclaim his property. Who is behind all these things? You cannot be unfair to me and get away with it, not when I’m still alive and seeking justice.
I met her on the street and I saved her from the street. She told me she’s from a poor home and that she never met her father. I promised her that I would be her father and her lover. I gave her too much opportunity to swallow me.
8:19 AM

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