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Following new reports about how Nigerian singer Dammy Krane was returned to prison custody after his bail condition fell in the viral grand theft and credit card fraud case in the United States, a well-wisher, Kenya socialite and Sony Mobile Africa executive, Sheila Wetangula, has expressed deep sadness at the lonely plight of the singer, bemoaning the lack of friends and family or even industry love for the embattled singer.

Sheila who took to her social media space to share how thoughts about her disturbed she was raised a lot of thought-provoking questions relating to fair-weather friendship and the lack of solidarity in the Nigerian industry. Hear her:
“This is just sad. One of the most talented musicians ever in Nigeria is in jail for fraud but that’s not the story. he was in court for bail hearing not a family not a friend not even his record label not even his girlfriend was there is he not signed to davidos label??Why can’t all musicians in Nigeria come together and contribute for his bail ???GUYS know when you’re in shit you’re on your own.When i saw him in lagos popping bottles he had so many people on his table even some had to seat on top of the chairs…”
Not done, Sheila who used the opportunity to celebrate her siblings also had words for all who care to listen, as she urges them to keep their circles small: “This should be a lesson to all of us .When you see me dancing and listening to music alone in my house alone it’s because of stories like this ..keep your circle small and only have closest and dearest and try your friends the friends I have can fly to even burn an ex house or can stalk someone for me till I’m over him😂😂😂I’m taking this opportunity to be thankful for my ride or die sisters…am grateful…just finding one friend is hard ..I celebrate you guys and I’m so thankful…”
Dammy Krane, appeared in court yesterday for his bail hearing after a 9-count fraud charges was leveled against him in the U.S. He was in court with Chukwuebuka, his accomplice. Chukwuebuka, who is claiming to be the erstwhile Hypertek Music label star’s show promoter, filed paperwork saying that he is indigent. Sources revealed that after the court looked at his papers it was found that he has no money or property in any bank. He was thereby kept in jail till 22nd of June, 2017.
On his part, Dammykrane pleaded not guilty and paperwork was provided to his defense attorney, showing what police found on his phone. None of his family members or record label representative was in court today. But because the American court wants proof that the money to be paid for his bail, is from a honest source he still had to be remanded in custody, but could be out before his alleged accomplice.
A little scoop on Sheila.
Although she is majorly based in Sweden, Sheila Wetangula’s job at Sony Mobile has seen her spend a lot of time in Nigeria becoming friends with the crème de la crème of the Nigerian celebrity circle. Part of her Nigerian story include a report where she called out a Nigerian lady, Nonye Olumba for betrayal in a short-lived man-snatching scandal as well as our story on how she was reportedly duped sums close to a million naira in a romance gone bad affair with one of the Ozumba Mbadiwe twins earlier this year.
Do you feel her pulse on Dammy Krane? Or do you think the star deserves all the Sheila is feeling sad about in the raging fraud case? Your take.
4:17 AM

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