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Omotunde Adebowale David is a Multiple Award Winning On-Air Personality at Wazobia 95.1 FM. She is also a TV Personality for Wazobia TV, a lawyer by training, Celebrity Compere, Professional Standup Comedian, Actress,singer,Motivational Speaker and Event Consultant.

She is popular for the role of 'Adaku' in popular TV series Jenifa's Diary and as a matter of fact she has this natural flare and love for communication despite being a graduate of Law.
A proud of mother of 3sons and a daughter,she is an amazing personality,but sadly had a failed marriage.
In a recent interview, Lolo talked about her personal life in relation to her failed marriage.
She attributed her crashed marriage to lack of wisdom,explaining that she dabbled into it quite too early,and that she was naive and didn't know what it was all about.
She further highlighted that it had nothing to do with domestic violence but they are some psychological problems worse than recieving beatings.She disclosed that once she finds a better man who is ready to understand her completely and make things work,she would give marriage another shot.
Contrary to expectations of bashing her ex-husband,she went ahead to say really nice things about him.
" I wouldn’t blame him or myself, that’s why I don’t demonise my ex. He is a good father to his children, and he is a very quiet man that doesn’t like issues.
It is us that didn’t work but we are still friends and our kids have the best of us " She said
Omotunde is one OAP that through the invisible air wave you can sense her passion, devotion and dramatisation.She is the face behind the ‘Oga Madam’ radio programme.
6:09 PM

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