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The word “Support System has been buzzing for days now, over the troubled marriage of Yoruba actress Mercy Aigbe. The actress had come out to tell the public, that her husband, Lanre Gentry had been abusing her physically, and had provided a CT scan as proof to show she had a cracked skull on one of such abusive exercises.

The actress also provided pictures and a restraining order against her husband. Just yesterday, Lanre Gentry was remanded in Kirikiri Prison Lagos until her meets bail conditions.
Yoruba actor, Adeniyi Johnson and his “close friend” Seyi Edun who happens to be a yoruba actress too,took to Instagram professing their love for each other. Seyi Edun had referred to Adeniyi Johnson as her “Support System”, and Adeniyi Johnson reciprocated by telling the public, that he has found love in the arms of Seyi.
The video of Mercy Aigbe referring to her husband as her ‘Support system” broke the internet yesterday. She applauded him for being her backbone and helping her balance her career as an actress, mother and wife.

We are all aware of how Mercy Aigbe’s marriage is being troubled now, as she has dropped her husband’s name from her Instagram handle, leaving us to ask what happened to her so called “Support System”.
Seyi Edun has taken a cue, by calling Adeniyi Johnson ex-husband to actress, Toyin Abraham her “Support System”. The question on everyone’s lips is how long will this “Support System” last, as Adeniyi Johnson disclosed today, that he is already receiving insults from his followers for openly showing his love to Seyi.
Lets keep our fingers crossed and see how far this ‘Support System” turn out for the love birds of Yoruba Movie Industry.
6:16 AM

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