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On May 26, 2017, American singer and songwriter, Pia Mia, released a version of the song which featured singer Jeremih. The similarities between Pia and Phyno's version were present from the start to the end of the song. The only difference we saw between both versions was in the producers.

So far, Nigerians have accessed Pia Mia of stealing Phyno's song just because Phyno released his own version first. The truth of the matter is Pia Mia did not actually steal the song as we all thought.
The story of ‘I’m a fan’ single began from Phyno, Jeremih and producer Remo. The rapper was working on incorporating Island-ready production on his sophomore album to tap into the international market. He was in talks with Remo, who sent him the song to work with but due to issues regarding remuneration, clearances and demands, Phyno and Remo did not work together. But Phyno liked the idea of the sound, so he sought the help of producer Benjamz, who added magic fingers to the wort, Phyno now collaborated with Mr Eazi and Decarlo and had to release it before Pia Mia did.
Pia Mia actually came down for a new record with Remo, so since he still had Phyno's abandoned project, he had no option than to pick it up since is was already set. So all Pia had to do was get jeremih featured on the track.
We've not heard any communication between Phyno's camp and Pia Mia camp officially which means there seems to be an understanding between the both. Though Phyno recently reacted to Pulse Nigeria's accusation of him stealing the song from Pia Mia and the Nigerian rapper did threaten to sue them.
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