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World’s fattest woman: Sheds 250kg
Doctors at a privately-run hospital in India treating the world’s fattest woman, an Egyptian woman that was 500 kg said she has lost half of her weight.
The hospital authorities at Mumbai’s Saifee hospital said 36-year-old woman Eman Ahmed Abd Al- Aty believed to have been the world’s heaviest woman has lost 250 kg of her weight.
“She looks a happier and slimmer version of her past self. She can finally fit into a wheelchair and sit for a longer period of time, something we never dreamt of three months back,” said the hospital while releasing the live images of Abd El Aty after her 250 kg weight lost surgery.
Abd El Aty was brought to Mumbai for weight reduction surgery in February to be treated by bariatric surgeon Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala.
The Indian doctors brought her to Mumbai in a specially furnished chattered flight with all the essential equipment like portable ventilator, portable defibrillator, oxygen cylinders, intubating laryngoscopes and other safety drugs, besides a specially designed bed for Abd El Aty.
Media quoted family members of Abd El Aty as saying she has not moved out of her house for 25 years.
“Eman has lost approximately half of the weight she had arrived to India with, within a period of over two months. As a result of which most of her obesity related problems such as Severe Hypothyroidism, Lymphoedema, Right Sided Heart Failure (or Pulmonale), Severe Obstructive Respiratory Disease, Renal Failure and Congestive Liver problems are all much better and under control though she still needs medication,” Lakdawala in a statement said.
“However, as a result of the stroke that left her right side paralysed, she still develops occasional seizures despite being on medication for the same.”
According to Lakdawala, she is still unable to swallow liquid or speak properly.
8:42 AM

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