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After been called out by a griller over alleged failure to pay up for grilling services provided during her recent birthday party, delectable Nollywood actress, Shirley Igwe, has responded to the social media shaming campaign embarked upon by the griller.

According to initial details of her case file, the pretty actress who was once an aide of Governor Rochas of Imo Sate, was called out by her butcher for owing him the sum of N10,000. Further digging revealed Shirley had hired the butcher through a contractor to help butcher a goat for the party, but as the most butchers do, this particular one went away with the goat head. That action didn’t go down well with the actress who insisted on having the goat head before she would pay his balance.
The butcher through the contractor begged the actress for his balance to no avail. So they decided to call her out on social media, hoping she would be shamed or blackmailed into paying up to avoid a scandal. To make things as messy as possible they threw out private communication between them and the actress.
Check it out:
Alas, it didn’t work, because this is what they got as her response via her Instagram handle:
“The tree fell from the banana and the banana fell from the tree, even me I don’t know where the banana is #whereisthebanana#whereismygoathead.”

Funny isn’t it? Shirley is maintaining her ‘no goat head, no balance’ stance. That leaves us with no option than to place the remaining part of the case before our esteemed jury of readers. Do you think Shirley breached the contractor or butcher’s trust by withholding the balance? Or do you feel they are the one’s who should be ashamed for trying to smear the fair lady’s name through a cheap blackmail? Handcuffs out and ready on this one!
Before you use your jury power take another look at what the potential well grilled goathead looks like:

7:29 PM

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