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Hameed Ali, left,  decorates one of the newly promoted Customs officers
The Comptroller-General of Customs, retired Col. Hameed Ali, has announced that HND holders on salary Grade Level GL 07 in the service will  move to GL 08 and a supplementary budget will be made for their salary arrears.
He also announced the promotion of  3,487 senior officers.
Ali said this during the decoration of the newly promoted officers on Monday in Abuja.
He said that officers in the inspectorate cadre on salary GL 08 and above will move to the appropriate rank in the superintendent cadre.
“This is expected to boost the morale of officers and eliminate confusion in the seniority of officers, “Ali said.
Hameed Ali, middle, with his officers
According to him, the rank structure of the Nigeria Customs Service has been aligned with the Nigeria Police Force forthwith.
He said that the promotion was a great height in the lives of the newly promoted senior officers, adding that the promotion came with greater responsibility.
“From this moment things have changed therefore; you are now required to take up greater responsibilities.
“All the promoted officers have worked hard to achieve this; in the past, officers were promoted when they are not supposed to.
” Merit is the key to promotion; diligence and hard work is the key to success.
“We have to get `God fatherism’ out of Customs before we leave, ” Ali added.
According to him, by June this year, officers will commence full training at the Customs Command, Gwagwalada, FCT.
He said that the essence of the training was to enhance their skills and make them to be specialists in carrying out their duties.
During the ceremony, nine officers were decorated.
Six of them were Comptrollers; two Deputy Comptrollers and one Assistant Comptroller.
11:09 AM

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