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Fans of Toke Makinwa, TV and Radio presenter and her estranged husband Maje Ayida, have reacted to Ayida’s threat to sue for defamation.
According to online reports, Ayida has hired British lawyers to sue Makinwa over her book titled: “On Becoming” which he described as “exaggerated fabrication”.
Makinwa in her book accused Ayida of infesting her with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), being a serial cheat and committing adultery
Ayida’s lawyers are asking Makinwa to stop the sales of the book and all forms of promotional activities else, she will be sued.
According to the online reports, a “letter of demand ” has been sent to Makinwa by Ayida’s lawyer.
Below are some of the reactions from fans;
@TROUBLEMAKERPhd: Possibly, however Maje would have told his own side of the story not suing for proceeds.
Maliki @the95bas-Toke wud literally act all legal if Maje wrote a book on her issues too. rather she made money off it.
@clinky_lilian: Lol, I guess Maje was really waiting for Toke to blow,before he drains her of what she’s worth. #Insanity
@acupofzee: I really waiting for the day Maje would sue Toke. My nigga waited for her to make all money from the book and sent her court letters.
Meanwhile, Makinwa took to her instagram handle to react to the letter.
“The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace”, Makinwa posted.
Makinwa’s book described as a “tell all book”, is a documented account of her relationship/marriage to Ayida, a celebrity fitness expert. (NAN)
8:06 PM

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