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Forget the post shared by Harrysongs on his Instagram handle, announcing his happy reunion with his Five Star Music family. It’s pure sham. This photo says it all. Harrysongs is not smiling. Daddy is. Same with Kcee.
The reason is obvious. In the battle for supremacy between Alterplate and Five Star Music, the latter won, and Daddy Showkey was part of those who made it happen. Others are Questionmark boss Kevin Liciano, Mr Mavin and a Barr. Chijioke, as revealed by Daddy Showkey in his post announcing the breakthrough in ending the beef.
Obviously, after all the brouhaha over his being taken advantage of and under appreciated at Five Star Music, coupled with all the insults he rained on them for taking legal action against him, Harrysongs has swallowed his own vomit by returning to the label he left with so much acrimony. Sad. Many of his fans are reacting on his social media walls, saying it is an  epic falling of their hands! Others seem pleased that peace has been restored. But can things really ever be the same again after that interegnum of venom and hate public statements?
This new development is a stark reminder of how important it is to take think before acting. By coming out to fight Five Star Music openly without some form of legal base, Harrysongs who has also had similar issues with his first label Questionmark Records, has made a big fool of himself, preferring to learn from disgrace rather than experience. Shame?
While the details of the truce meeting which involved Daddy Showkey, Kevin Liciano, Mr Mavin and a Barr. Chijioke, remain under padlock, the outcome is already public, with Harrysongs making a U-turn that effectively kills the burgeoning Alterplate. Expectedly, he is the one who has to undo all the image mess he has caused. Now he has to change his social media bio, replacing Alterplate with Five Star music as well as flying the Five Star Music again. Plus he has to feign happiness with the new decision. Imagine after all the outbursts! Poor thinking, poor product. What was he thinking/
Besides the photo of him, Daddy Showkey and Kcee above, there’s only one other way to capture this episode better. This photo below. Celeb Police leaves you to do the captioning.
12:00 PM

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