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It has been a very serious war between the snitch lady,Kemi Olunloyo and American based Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha.
Kemi has accused U.S-based Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, of being responsible for the fraud of fund scandal of #10m and she requested Georgina to come out to clear her name.
Kemi seems to have crossed her boundary this time. The Nollywood actress instead of coming out to clear her name went to do a proper investigation on the controversial media personality cum Journalist.
She is really out for the dreaded Kemi Olunloyo. She allegedly accused Kemi of being a fugitive wanted by the State of Georgia for crimes against kids and  minors. 
Although Kemi said that the charges was dropped but in a recent investigation carried out by Georgina, the clerks in the Newton County Sheriff's Office in Georgia said they have four warrants for her arrest for failing to appear in court on charges including cruelty to children, simple battery, terroristic threats/intimidation of a juror or court officer and obstruction of an officer. They say they have a fifth warrant for bail jumping.
Georgina told Kemi to call all her colleagues that she has ever insulted and apologise to them if she does not want her to reveal more of her dirty criminal secrets.
“You have to publicly apologize to all my colleagues you've ever insulted for no just cause.
You can throw your son/kids out of a moving car to kill them!! but scum don't you ever name my kids again.. bring it on I'm waiting to release all your criminal records if you don't call All of my colleagues and apologize. Don't ever mess with me. @hnnafrica OluKemi Ashley Olunloyo submit your self to the authorities NOW.. ole .. End of Discussion.. Don't ever spread false news about me or any of my colleague again . Never you scum
“You will never call any Nigerian or Nigerians illiterates again.. I will release your attempted murder on your baby daddy if you don't apologize to Nigerians for terrorizing then on social media.. you scum @usapolicedept." She wrote.
4:15 PM

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