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Oga Charly Boy has come out of his comfort zone to talk about the proposed nationwide protest organized by 2Face. He is excited and is behind 2Face because he is tired of the corrupt men and women sitting behind some powerful positions to steal money.
He said “…If some can't see the sense in the march Tuface is organizing why must they insist on exposing their ignorance on our social highway. If him like make e get 7 kids with 3 babymamas, what has that got to do with the price of garri in the market? Has TuFace not been actively involved in the demand for good governance before now? So why is it that he has ulterior motives now.
Until we fraustrated Nigerians begin to stand up and fight for good governance at all Level, we go soon chop sand sand.  I am from Oguta in Imo State; I am doing my little bit in empowering the youths, Mothers, Market Women and Disadvantaged people who have no access to a simple normal life. I am also using the Njiko Carnival under The Justice Oputa Foundation to promote not just the historical heritage of the Oguta people, but also the Magnificent Oguta Blue Lake and environs as a tourisim hub in Nigeria, most times with my money. Yet, some people go dey cause me, some just dey like read meanings into my action like say dem dey my mind. But una know say I no send anybody.
He is in full support of the match “We could never have sank this low if it wasn't for our in actions, our docility and our Mumuness. I support mass mobilisation, mass movement, citizen advocacy, the fight, struggle for a better country and the drive to Emancipate the mind of Nigerians.  I Believe that is what my guy Tuface Idibia wants too.  So we must all commot.
4:43 PM

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