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Since Iyanya joined Don Jazzy’s led Mavin Records, a lot of people have been wondering if the famous  Mavin artistes are fighting to kill his talent. Far from the truth because the Mavin has always maintained their unity as one big family.
Iyanaya said that he has no regret, “Mavin is a wonderful team full of talented people, and it’s directed by Don Jazzy who is one of the biggest in the game in Africa. In the whole word if you want to say Africa’s great musicians, you cannot miss that name. Being a part of the Mavin is also a new journey for me, because am working with someone who has been there before so it an opportunity to also learn more stuff. Am not rushing to have that title, I don’t need you to give me the title. I just need you to pay me for my souls and my services.
He said that the deal  wasn’t planned it just happened.  He denied competition “We are all one; I am not there to compete with anyone, am not there to struggle on nothing. Am there to do my own thing, the platform is big enough for everybody just like the sky is big enough for the birds to fly, can you count the bird in the sky? Everybody there work together, that why they always win, somebody is always there to support and encourage you. Am there to make great music since I joined Mavins, it’s been nothing but love.
Talking about Don Jazzy “Don Jazzy is incredible and so talented, like I said have been learning stuff since I started working with him.  So am sure with him directing my music, you will hear another side of me. He will definitely have an input in lyrics; on my part I will write my lyrics but as structured team there is need for checks and balance.
6:47 PM

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