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Comedian, Seyi Law, whose wife turned a year older, cannot be more ecstatic and in-love with his wife as reflected in his poem to his wife.
The new dad who is still basking in the joys of fatherhood, posted this picture of his wife accompanied with a love poep to wish her a happy birthday.
See below….
“Oh my darling,
Leave the world to wonder,
To wonder why I love you so,
To wonder why I celebrate you,
To wonder why I can’t but talk about you.
They will never understand,
Never understand the pains you bore,
The risk you took for me,
The scars that will never go away,
The tears we shed together,
And the testimony of our daughter.
The world will love to know,
The blessings we have counted,
Not the sorrows that kept us awake,
The reasons we smile and laugh,
Not our voice in heated arguments,
The story of our love and happiness,
Not the sacrifice we give to get there.
Will I ever be the best for you?
This egoistic Ilaje boy,
So traditionally inclined,
Trying to find balance with modernisation.
I know something though,
I am not perfect and foolish,
I am wise enough to love you for real,
To believe that the future holds better,
Better days and moments,
Blessings and fulfilment,
With Joy undefined.
In all, permit me to be the one celebrating,
Dancing and grateful for yet another year,
A new year of destiny and grace,
For You and us as a family.
Happy Birthday to You, our dearest Mummy and Wifey.
We love You so much.
A very happy birthday to Mrs SeyiLaw!!
8:07 AM

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