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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike turned a year older today and his wife Eberechi Suzzette took to her official Facebook page to send him a sweet and loving message. Posting photos of the governor and a large birthday cake with a total weight of 49kgs, the mother of two, who is a judge of the Rivers State High Court of Justice, described her husband in wonderful terms.
“My dear and precious Nyesom,”. “Many years before now and exactly on the 13th of December, you were introduced into mother earth. Today, you have grown and risen to be the man whom God has made you to be, as you are.
In my opinion, you had earlier been much misunderstood as your other sides I have come to know, were yet to be deciphered or unraveled. Thankfully, many more have come to the understanding that you are much more than can easily be noticed at first sight.
You are a man that is imbued with deep insight and knowledge, strength of character and discipline, a strong mind and great strength who goes after what you firmly believe in.
Your love for your people is undeniable and undying as I have come to see in your generous spirit of giving to all in need and soothing the pains of many in the years I have been blessed and privileged to know you.
Your unshakable belief in and reliance on our Lord, God in every situation you have found yourself in, is second to none. No wonder His countenance continues to shine on you and His blessings have been limiltess in your life.
Your service to Rivers State has always been altruistic as you are a true Son of Rivers State and a worthy, compassionate leader. The grace of God shall continue to abound in your life and your name shall continue to be heard for good, not only in Rivers State and Nigeria, but the world over, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.
Today gives me another opportunity to tell you that you can always count on my love and that of our children, you being the best husband and father we could ever have asked God for. We love you deeply with a love that is undying and steadfast.
I bless the parents that bore and raised you.
I bless God for your life and for giving me the opportunity of having my path cross yours.
And I bless you with every good thing possible for any Man to experience in this world and the hereafter, Amen.
7:37 PM

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