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Music artiste, Adekunle Kosoko, aka Adekunle Gold, shares his experience and memories from his recent trip to Los Angeles in this interview.
That should be the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, which is in Los Angeles, California.
I went there to attend a concert called Ankara Festival. I had always looked forward to visiting Los Angeles, and this was a pleasant opportunity to do so.
I visited the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, and I saw first-hand, the names of all the great stars there. I was impressed, and I hoped that someday in the future, my name would also be there. I also saw the homes of a lot of wealthy stars.
It was okay. It was neither too cold nor too hot.
The ambiance of Hollywood is breathtaking. That alone makes it a favorite tourist destination. There were a lot of interesting places to visit and see things for oneself.
I don’t think Americans have local dishes; it’s the same burger and other types of fast food. I spent three days there and I basically ate Nigerian dishes.
I saw my Nigerian friends and I also met with people, who are not Nigerians, wearing ankara. Apart from that, there was nothing else. The difference between both places is so clear!
I didn’t have to look for my luggage, it was already waiting for me, and I found that very remarkable.
It was more about my music than my dressing because they enjoyed my music. As a matter of fact, I met some new fans who told me that my music is amazing.
Of course! I partied in a few clubs and a lot of Nigerian songs were played.
It was more about the orderliness of the place. Everything is properly done and that’s so different from Nigeria. That’s the same thing one notices everywhere outside Nigeria, especially in the western world. Even on the roads, traffic rules were strictly adhered to; nobody dared switch lanes anyhow. I also found the peaceful atmosphere and the security amazing.
The sanity on the road and the ability to maximize the opportunities in the town as a tourist attraction. We have a lot of interesting places in Nigeria that can be developed as tourist sites. If America can be making so much money off Hollywood, then, we can ‘package’ our own places as well.
Everything was amazing. I had a great time and there were no issues at all.
There’s no fun in travelling alone. I prefer to go with friends.
If you’re travelling to a new place, always endeavor to try their food. There was nothing really to try in Hollywood, and that’s why I didn’t eat anything new while there. You should also meet new people, take pictures and have fun. As for me, I’m always with my camera wherever I go. And lastly, you should carry out extensive research before your trip.
That would be Seychelles, Las Vegas, and Nevada.
8:16 AM

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