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The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers state has recommended an immediate psychiatric attention for Governor Nyesom Wike, saying that his behavior and utterances these days do not present him as a person who is still in full control of his mental faculties. LOL these politicians no go kill us.

The party said in a statement issued early Monday, December 5 in Port Harcourt, the state’s capital:“Nigerians may have observed the distorted, uncoordinated and incomprehensible manner in which Chief Wike addresses the public these days, which is perhaps an indication that he needs psychiatrist assistance as a matter of urgency before his case goes beyond remedy.
“Today he is accusing the military of being after him or tying to assassinate him, tomorrow he will be accusing the INEC and police of plotting on how to rig the rerun election scheduled to hold on December 10.
“Later he will accuse transportation minister Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, of trying to pay the salaries of civil servants which he, Wike, has refused to pay for these eight months.
“This is even as he would accuse NIMASA DG Dakuku Peterside of plotting how to restore security and peace to Rivers state, thereby dislodging and thwarting his policy of turning Rivers state to ‘Rivers of blood’ while on the other hand accusing the APC Rivers South-East senatorial district candidate, Magnus Abe, of meeting with senior police officers between 2 am and 4 am on Friday, where he requested that they support his rigging agenda in exchange for N10 million EACH.
“If not that Wike has gone berserk where on earth does he wants Abe to raise such a staggering fund in an election that the Ogonis have vowed to vote for him?”
The APC noted that while speaking at the Rivers state Government House recently, Wike muttered to PDP Chieftains: “Apart from the fact that development creates crime and that since I resumed office as governor of Rivers state, people are being killed and beheaded in Rivers state and pictures of those killed in the state were littered in social media, too much insecurity in Rivers state; I will only try my little best to handle it but as the president of the new Niger Delta Republic, how can my fellow president, President Buhari of Nigeria withdraw my security and assign them to Hon Asita O Asita, a small boy?
“Besides, people should understand that in Rivers state, we have the capacity to resist the security agencies of Nigeria.
“To worsen our case, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) has assigned all the police SARs in the South-South (SS) to Senator Magnus Abe and those of South-East (SE) region to senators Andrew Uchendu and Amachree.”
The statement issued by the state chairman, Chief Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, described Wike’s reported wild allegations and utterances as symptomanic of a person in need of psychiatric evaluation.
““We suspect that the law of Karma is now after him including the blood of hundreds of Rivers state people that Wike and his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) killed to install him and his lieutenants in office is now on a revenge mission, exacting a heavy toll on the usurper-governor.
 “The quote, ‘he who sows the wind, will reap the whirlwind’ makes better meaning with the current sorrow state of Wike and his mindless cohorts. The Holy Bible, as contained in the book of Galatians 6:7 may have had Wike in mind when it stated: ‘Be not deceived; God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap’.
The party said to further expose Wike’s unstable mind and thought as Nigeria’s master electoral rigger and how he rigged himself to power, is was better to listen to him speak.
The APC quoted Wike as saying:“How can APC topple me as master electoral rigger? Na me bi their Oga (for rigging). I no give them this kind thing. Na me bi their oga. I no teach them this kind thing. Na who dey teach them all this kind thing?
“Trans Amadi police station, you know we have police barrack there near Michelin. Na there wey the SARS commander dey live, one Akeem. Every night, you go see them with this Tundra, this big hilux, black. Them go come. Them go tell all the security people wey dey for gate make them comot. Them go comot. Them go put off the light and bring down materials. I go tell them say me, I be professional. This thing wey una dey do, una bi small children.”
The APC said everyday, the governor, who is not fit, makes Rivers state a laughing stock before the country and the international community.
“He should be made to get help before it is too late.”
“We therefore appeal to the Rivers electorate to utilise the opportunity offered by the rerun parliamentary election to vote massively for all APC candidates and thus free the State from the shackles of the ungodly and bloodthirsty PDP leadership.
“In the same vein, we appeal to INEC and security agencies not to be intimidated by Wike’s tricks and pranks.
“We urge the security agencies to ensure that those hoodlums hired and kept by Wike to cause havoc during the election are properly caged so that people would feel free to exercise their franchise on December 10, 2016,” the statement said.
4:52 PM

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