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When one is made queen such a person is expected to have a very fine character and virtue but can it be said of this beauty queen identified as Elo Bokia Igbiwu, the winner of Miss Delta, 2010 who allegedly called some thugs to beat up one Okorodudu Anthony who claimed he came to visit the her husband, Tony Igbiwu in Ghana.
Okorodudu who planned to spend three months said he had already spent a month and a half before Elo threatened to black mail him. This followed after he advised one of the boys, Julius who had issues with her to go and plead for her forgiveness knowing full well that her husband is a very good man.
Unfortunately, when the husband traveled, she went to her shop but later stormed the house with some boys who had with them dangerous weapons such as Bottle, Shovel, Ply wood, Cable Wires, Broken Tiles which they use to batter his body including Julius.
He said he practically begged for his life. He removed some pieces of bottle from his head while he was bathing. He noted that Elo made a video coverage of the entire incident.
Meanwhile, he was able to make a report to the Ghanaian police but nothing was done after 24hours because the police always receive tips from the woman’s husband.
Okorodudu Anthony Ejomafuvwe, who has been a victim cried for justice and support in every possible way.
 “ Mr Tony Igbiwu always say that when a man has money, he is never scared of problems and now he brought those same words to me. I won't let him go with this sir. If the Law cannot do anything, then nature will take its course,”  
He gave out the names of those who participated in carrying out the wicked act as: Timothy (His username on facebook is DB Paris Teenine), Silver, Rawlins, Samuel and Tabansii (His username on facebook is Chif Mena Tabansii).
7:10 AM

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