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It has always been the ladies who fight over their man, this time Nollywood actor, Seun Jimoh threatened to kill fan who called his wife ugly.
The dramatic conversation started when the actor posted the picture of himself and his wife on his IG page and the fan identified as Sahadat made a rude comment by saying,” As u fine so na dis kind wife u go marry nawa o.”
Seun did not take it easy with the fan as he began to use all sorts of comments to threaten her such as “If I say what is really on my mind towards you, you will never get over it. I will just leave you to fate to fuck you up for [talking] about my wife to be in that manner, but one thing is sure, you will never fine a man to appreciate you in life and if you did, it will never last!”
The actor have really gone too far to vent his anger on this unidentified fan who happens to be a female. It did not stop there as he continued,”
“If a purge is ever to be approved in the world, I will find you and kill you for what you said today, and just before you die I will remind you of this fucked of statement and shove your phone into your ugly mouth, dig a shallow grave and bury you were dogs can find your ugly flesh(sic).”
Meanwhile , the fan finally apologized when she saw that it has really gone out of hand. She confessed that she did not really mean what she said. I do not mean to hurt you , I was just trying to joke and people used to say that too when you are finer  than your woman. 
The actor is yet to acknowledge her apology. Do you think he is justified for raining abuses of the fan.
7:22 AM

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