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The story of Nollywood producer Seun Egbeegbe seems controversial as there are accusations and denials about the recent theft incidence. He has said through a press release that although he was in computer village to settle some issues but he was not arrested for stealing Iphones.
He said the information is misguiding as some dubious writers who he described as mercenary hirelings are out to tarnish his image.
“Having read with keen interest the completely self-serving spirited attempt to destroy my person, it has become imperative and timely that a rejoinder is written to state the fact clearly.
“I want to state here categorically and emphatically that though I was at Computer Village to address some issues, but I was never arrested for stealing 10 I phone 7s, as stated by the writer of the story, the matter has since been resolved by the Nigeria Police; and the issue of me stealing phone is devilish from the said writer.
“It is germane to note that I am a charitable, humane, and grass root person, who has exhibited selflessness in communal service, which have used as a veritable tool for social development. Finally, I wish to inform the general public to discard the report. I am presently at home relaxing!”
Although the producer denied stealing the 6 Iphones that he only wanted to get money from his car. There were things he said that did not really add up. When he told the sales boy he was going to get money from his car, why didn’t he drop the phones since he has not completed the deal or he would have told the boy to accompany him to the car to get the money, why go all alone.
The operatives at Area F are investigating the matter to unravel the occurrence. The outcome will be made open,” SP Dolapo Badmos, PPRO, Lagos Police Command told the press.
The people in computer village are now very alert especially when they attend to customers because most of them have been victims of theft.
5:01 PM

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