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Following the controversy between the popular dancehall artiste, Cynthia Morgan and Singer Queen Ure, last year, Ure has come out to say that she does not see Cynthia as enemy
The duo had been in a serious controversy over the original owner of the term”Popori”, Ure claimed that she was the originator of the name before Cynthia did a song with it.
After they went to court over the matter, their fans concluded that there paths will no longer cross as they are now sworn enemies.
In an interview with Punch, Queen Ure declared that Cynthia Morgan is not her enemy. She noted that if there was any need to do a collabo with the dancehall queen that she would do it.
In her words, “I never had any problems with Cynthia Morgan. We can settle an issue legally but that does not mean that it is personal. I have never had any personal issues with her. I don’t do collaborations with other artistes but if there is any reason for that, why not? She is not an enemy, I don’t have any enemy. The reason we went to court was because Cynthia Morgan released the song ‘Popori.’ That was what led to the court case. If there was no release, we would not have gone to court. 
After going to court, the work was stopped. It was nothing personal, everybody knows that. It was just because ‘Popori’ is my brand and I have been doing a lot of it. It is actually my trademark for both my musical works and my business initiative.
“I made up the word and I had not heard it before. The judgement of the case was delivered on July 1, 2015 and it was in my favour and that is how far we have gone.”
She also stated her intention of not quitting music as she promised to continue to do her charity work
7:13 PM

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