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The witness testifying against the former chief of defense staff, Alex Badeh has said the accused person and the director of finance, Nigerian air force, did not want trouble.

Testifying before Justice Okon Abang at the Federal High Court in Abuja, Mustapha Yerima, the fourth prosecution witness (PW4) said Badeh and his director of finance did not want to get involved in the deal to buy property in Abuja.

During his cross examination, Yerima said: “The whole idea my lord is that they (Badeh and the first prosecution witness, Salisu Abdullahi as tagged PW1) did not want to get involved and I had instructed to do that.”

He said for this reason, Ahmed Maiwada acted strictly for him as his lawyer.

“Yes, I employed Ahmed Maiwada as my lawyer for the transaction,” Yerima said.

PW4 said: “Yes, my lord because I always consult him for issues that need legal advice.”

Yerima added that on May 23, 2013, Maiwada advised him to go ahead and commit to a valid consideration in exchange for the original certificate of occupancy for the land and execute the deed on his behalf.

The property is located at wuse area of Abuja and bought at N650 million from Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose.

Yerima said also said that the property was originally a residential land.

He however added that he did not apply for a change of use as that the assignment was given to some else to apply for change of use of the land for commercial purposes.

“So, who did you give that assignment to?” Akin Olujimi, counsel to Badeh asked.

To this the witness replied: “I do not know, my lord.”

“But I later got to know that the original owner of the land is Ayodele Fayose,” Yerima said.

He said this was so because when one applied for change of use, the name of the original owner of the property is used.

Yerima said he did not know that as at August 7, 2013, that Fayose was still the developer of the property on record.

He said: “Because at the point of concluding the transaction, I asked PW1  whose name should I use for the documentation;  he told me I should go ahead and and execute the project  and that he will later contact his boss to give the name of the company that the document would be transferred to.”

He said it was also the first witness that instructed him to commence building on the property.

“Yes, there was at a meeting prior to that which PW1 categorically told me that the plaza belongs to his boss.”
4:22 PM

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