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Are you eating your heart out because you are waiting for your boyfriend to drop the main question and propose? This article would give you a hint about the time he is most likely to pop the question and propose.

Being engaged is a beautiful thing; many ladies wait eagerly for the moment when their boyfriends would finally make put a ring on their fingers. It is a moment to look forward to in life as many women savor the memory forever.

We have seen all sorts of surprises when it comes to the proposal; we have seen the lame ones and the mind-blowing ones. We have seen couples getting creative and making the moment exceptional and unique. We understand the eagerness of a lady who has seen all her friends getting engaged and married; it is also mind boggling for a lady who has been in a relationship for one or two years without being proposed to.

Do not worry, the wait is almost over as we would be sharing with you some of the signs that would help you unravel this mystery about your boyfriend proposing to you. Find some of the signs below:

1. He becomes secretive
When your boyfriend starts to act weird around you without you both having a fight or argument, he is planning to propose. Most men want the proposal to be epic; they would do everything they could to keep this from you.

He would not let you handle his phone or check out his messages. While the change in attitude may be alarming and threatening, it is probably nothing serious.

2. When he wants to plan a date
You might have been the one planning all the hangouts and dates you both attend; you might have been the one in charge of venues and when places you visit. But as soon as he demands to plan the next one, he probably has something he wants to do and it is most likely to be the big question.

When he gets so pushy about your routine because of this date, you should just stop making things difficult for him. He probably wants to propose.

3. He becomes sensitive about packages
If your boyfriend suddenly gets worked up because of a package that has not been delivered, then there is something wrong. He has probably ordered your ring; he could turn down your help when you volunteer to pick up the package on his behalf.

Another sign you need to watch out for is when he gets the package and make you feel like it is something not so important. Most people are eager to tear open their packages the moment they get them.
4. When he is suddenly in touch with your friends

If your boyfriend is not the type that moves around with your friends, this would help you guess what he might be up to. Usually, most men love to plan the proposal with the help of their girlfriends’ friends. The friends would help them distract their girlfriends and plan a wonderful surprise.

Also, when the family members suddenly get spooked about weddings and decorations, then they probably know more than they are saying. They might have seen it coming and may be part of the surprise plan.

5. When you can no longer ascertain his movement
If your boyfriend disappears without you being able to place where he might have gone to, then he is hiding something from you. He is most likely to be busy planning his epic proposal. Every man wants to make the proposal affair a surprise.

If he makes this a habit, then he is about to propose. You can be sure he wants to run his secret errands alone as he does not want you to ruin his perfect plan.

6. When he becomes interested in married life
When your boyfriend cannot stop talking about his friends or cousins that are getting married, then he is getting tired of the bachelor lifestyle. When all he wants to do is talk about what life would look like being married, then you can be sure he would propose soon.

if he is not interested in marrying you, he would avoid talking about marriage in order not to work you up or get you agitated. But the moment he starts to express himself openly when it comes to this matter, you can be sure something is eating him up. Try to behave well during this period so that some you do not ruin your chance of being the woman he walks down the aisle with.

7. When he asks about your opinion
Some men do not know how to plan or organize surprises. As a matter of fact, they avoid anything that has to do with it in order to save themselves from the stress that comes along with the planning.

Men like these would make it so obvious they are going to propose as they cannot help keeping calm. It would be written all over them. Men like these would let the cat out of the bag and would ask you for pointers.
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