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A United Kingdom-based Team Nigeria has introduced an initiative for developing foreign and home-grown sporting Nigerian talents.

Team Nigeria (UK) revealed that they have lined-up programmes to discover and acknowledge Nigerians who have represented the nation in sporting activities and the government at large.

Team Nigeria UK

The Abuja Showdown 2016 will be the first of its numerous events slated for Abuja between July 29 and August 1 where the UK-based Nigerian team will slug it out the national U-17, U-20 and the Lagos State U-17 at the FIFA Goal Project Pitch in Abuja.

Screening exercises will be conducted for interested candidates between the ages of 15 and 16 will take place in Owerri and Abuja on July 20 and July 22 respectively. The participants will be clothed with kits from supporters like Chelsea Football Club, Charlton Athletic FC and City University, London.

The Nigerian version of ExtraTimeWith will be another program organized by the non-profit organization which will begin in 2017 where the event will hold every three months in different states of the federation.

Chief Executive Officer of the outfit, David Doherty said that the event will be an interactive forum that will be conducted by top role models in sports who will educate, empower and engage young talented Nigerian athletes/footballers between the ages of 14 and 21.

“Our desire is that this will build the confidence of young people whilst also increasing aspiration and self esteem. The platform will be a funfair, featuring noted role models from all walks of life who will help motivate and inspire all who are involved.

“Another area we look to help support grassroots sports development is through capacity building programm from early age 14 upward to prepare young Nigerians of life after sports/Football that will enable them to secure employment within the sport industries and beyond,” Doherty said.

Furthermore TeamNigeriaUK will also commence the maiden edition of the Nigerian Community Achievement Awards that will reward the effort of individuals and group of persons from all walks of life at all levels of governments in Nigeria.

The event will also be on a yearly basis starting from November 4, 2017 at the Federal Capital City in Abuja and according to Doherty, the award will inspire and motivate prospective recepients to keep up their good works towards state and community developments.
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