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It appears this is a season of artistes and record label face-offs in Nigeria and the back and forths are getting out of hand.

Yesterday May 31, 2016, we brought you details of the lingering situation between Skales and talent manager Osagie Osarenkhoe and Baseline Records and the police case in its wake.

It all centred on several allegations of fraud and related offences committed by the artiste manager in partnership with the rapper. The amount involved allegedly ran into tens of millions of naira, including payments for an endorsement deal with telecommunications giant MTN Nigeria.

Insiders say Skales and his manager Osagie spent last night in the police cell, despite several denials from sources including a tweet from Osagie herself.

    FYI I’m not detained oh

    — Osagie O. #Shifted (@thismetalchic) May 31, 2016

Skales' lover Sasay slams Baseline Records following allegations of the rapper defrauding the company. Credit: Twitter

Skales’ lover Sasay slams Baseline Records following allegations of the rapper defrauding the company. Credit: Twitter

Today June 1, 2016, as the industry wakes up to the developments in the ensuing drama, Skales girlfriend has taken to Twitter to vent about everything and she makes quite some interesting revelations.

According to Sasay, whom insiders say is in romantic relationship with the rising music star, Baseline is a “record label with no clue about music ir a business structure plan.”

She further accused the management of the music company of wanting to reap where they didn’t sow.

Read her Twitter rants below:

    Baseline records hasn’t done shit for the boy for years . Everything has been from his pocket , vids , promotion and everything

    — Queen S (@_sasay) June 1, 2016

    You want to reap were you didn’t sow . You invested and got your money back , you want more . Nigerians that don’t no they rights

    — Queen S (@_sasay) June 1, 2016

    The heart of a king is in the hands of God … !! Mr powerful/influential , I will hand you over to my God !

    — Queen S (@_sasay) June 1, 2016
2:33 PM

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