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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused Ali Modu Sheriff of working for the interest of the All Progressives Congress (APC)

Sheriff who was the former acting chairman of the PDP stormed the secretariat of the party in Abuja on Monday, June 13 alongside his supporters and insisted that he was still the chairman of the party and will soon get his mandate in court.

LeadersNG reports that an official of the PDP publicity department said Sheriff apparently was an agent of the APC.

“You can see that Sheriff is working for the APC government. The man was sent on a mission to destroy our party but thank God we quickly realized this and pushed him out. All these things you see him doing outside our secretariat is to justify his pay. Sheriff is a dangerous man but this party is bigger than any individual which is why he was kicked-out”.

A member of the former National Working Committee said appointing Sheriff as chairman was a mistake the party regretted.

“We made a mistake by making Sheriff the Chairman and immediately we discovered we had made a mistake, we hurriedly corrected it in Port-Harcourt. Sheriff is gone and gone forever. We all love PDP and will never be party to destroying the party. The party is bigger than anyone’s selfish interest. If it is true that Sheriff is infront of Wadata Plaza like you have said, then our suspicion that he was working for Buhari has been confirmed. I personally saw unimaginable desperation in him. He was acting as if his life depended on the chairmanship slot.”

A former deputy member in the NWC who also spoke on the condition of anonymity said Sheriff is a business who is only interested in selling the party.

He said: “Sheriff is a businessman. I told many members of our party that Sheriff was only going to sell our party to the APC in 2019, many did not believe me until they started seeing everything i told. I kept screaming and screaming until everyone finally saw reason with me. As you can all see today, everyone now knows sheriff was sent to come and destroy our party but he has already failed.”

A member of the Board of Trustees of the party said Sheriff’s claim that he was still the chairman of the party was false as he was legally removed at the party’s convention.

“Sheriff has been removed by all organs of our party. There is no way he can be Chairman of the party again. He was lawfully removed at the Port-Harcourt convention. The convention is supreme by the provisions of our constitution. We believe Sheriff is working with the APC government to destablize our party and create a faction to pave the way for the defection of our members to the ruling party as we have seen this play out when 2 House of Reps members of our party defected to the APC just 2weeks ago. You must always remember that Sheriff is an in-law to president Buhari.”
4:21 PM

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