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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has let out a bombshell claiming the reason President Muhammadu Buhari has failed to give the names of those who returned loot were from the All Progressives Congress

President Buhari had promised that he would disclose the names of those who returned loot during hid Democracy Day address to the country but this water later delegated to the Ministry of Information and Culture.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed revealed that the government recovered about three trillion from looters but the names of the persons were not revealed. reports that Alhaji Musa Iliyasu Kwankwaso who is a chieftain of the PDP in Kano accused President Buhari of lying that the names of the looters could not be disclosed for legal reasons. Kwankwaso insisted that most of those who returned loots were from the APC.

He said:“To my understanding, Mr. President said he cannot publish the list because of legal action. For us as PDP members, Mr President lied because majority of those who voted for APC are from PDP like Amechi, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso among other governors.

“Possibly, majority of people affected in the list are PDP that is the reason why they refused to release the list. They don’t suppose to give the list to Information Minister, Lai Mohammed to release the names in first place because EFCC has a public relations officer, and they are the one who write the names of everybody. How can they handover the matter to information ministry and why?

“It is the responsibility of the EFCC, because it’s not under any body, they can charge APC and PDP members, provided they are telling Nigerians that they are not been selective

“That is the reason why they refused to release the list. APC people are the majority in the list of treasury looters. That is why they hided the list.

“Instead of EFCC to release it, they allowed federal government to have the list so that they can delete the APC members.

“Anytime you read papers Buhari and APC members will be saying PDP people are thieves, and stole all the money, and you cannot call someone thief until a competent court declared the person of doing so.”
1:28 PM

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