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Reported that the leaders had a secret meeting whose agenda was initially unknown. However, an update to the earlier report suggested that OBJ and PMB were having a dialogue over the resurgence of hostilities within the Niger Delta region, an issue which now threatens even the existence of a united Nigeria.

Nigerians have reacted

Christian Hilary said: “Buhari in closed door meeting with d godfather of political criminals. Noting good is coming out of it. Anything obj is involved should b scrutinized.God bless.”

Chidimma Joy said: “Everyday meeting meeting in Aso rock without good result instead things get worse in Nigeria while the poor suffer.”

Okwuy Henry king was of the opinion that “Buhari is making a big mistake to listen to this man because OBJ will like to see him fail”.

“Please somebody should advise d president to hold a meeting with Jonathan to help him get d genuine stakeholders in d Niger delta. Please the president must come down from his high horse.” Olumide Onanaye opined.

Victor Kelechi went a bit poetic, saying: “Oil bees want to discuss about the new lizard in the bee hive because the lizard is almost chasing all the oil bees away. I hope Baba’s visit would heal his ear problem to listen and ask Avengers what they want. Ask avengers not politicians.”

Prince Olagoke Folayan said: “Baba what is it again you forgot in Aso rock that you are finding a way of taking?give the president a breathing space ha!you were there for good 8years,how many time did president Buhari came visiting?you ruled the way you like then as president and dictator,allow this man to have his time also,if you don’t know your advise stinks to him,do you think he has forgoten how you have denied him the presidency in the past with that your do or die mentality? Look he respects GEJj more than you, ever since he came to power have ever seen or heard where he has said anything positive about you like he has to Jonathan? Common baba go home and rest, let him rule us the way he’s been directed from God,you are one of our problems in this conutry,leave the stage for other people M I know Nigerian problems.”

Another Facebook user noted that “It is time for Niger Delta to face the truth and the realities on ground. The earlier we realise that the north wants to dominate us the better …..let all Niger Deltans stand as one and kick against dominance of the north especially in our oil because I believe if I have an oil block in my village kokori in delta state and also Preye has an oil block in Bayelsa also if Uduak has an oil block in Akwa Ibom it is not a bad thing for Niger Deltans to have their own oil block abi na lie? Niger delta leaders should stop playing politics with the will of the Niger delta people in general all for the benefit of thier pocket and that of their own family. Stop the dominance of north on our oil now. We need unity now more than ever, forget APC and PDP nonsense, The oil belongs to us we are the original owners not the north. The dominance should stop now.”
8:24 AM

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