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Niger Delta militants have carried out spate of bombings of oil pipelines and gas facilities in the region.

Some close associates and allies of former president, Goodluck Jonathan are suspected of being behind the on-going crisis in the Niger Delta region, a top security source has disclosed.

Leadership reports that following the spate of bombings of oil pipelines and other facilities by the militant group, Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), some close allies of Jonathan have been put under surveillance by the nation’s security agencies.

The source said though the level of ‎complicity’ of some of Jonathan’s close allies was yet to be determined by investigation, he explained that the continued detention of former national security adviser, Colonel Sambo Dasuki (rtd), Mr Robert Azibola (Jonathan’s cousin) as well as the former president’s special assistant on domestic matters, Dr Waripamowei Dudafa had more to do with national security than financial misappropriation.

He said: “The rate at which this issue of Avengers is going, we are looking beyond the surface of the so called conditions rolled out by the avengers. Right now, there are feelers that some top officials of the past administration actually instigated the ongoing crisis in the Niger Delta region. I mean those who were trusted allies of the principal of that period.

“That is why we are not bothered about the blackmail that going on that we are holding people illegally or refusing to allow suspects access to medicals. This is because even though we are yet to conclude preliminary investigation on this unfolding development, we will not wave added the need for deeper security scrutiny.

“What Nigerians have failed to realise is that Dasuki, Dudafa and Azibola are not the only suspects under EFCC probe. They should ask themselves why they are still being held when others with similar cases have been granted bail. Their cases have more to do with national security than financial misappropriation.”

Meanwhile, Niger Delta Avengers, which has attacked oil and gas installations in the region, has claimed responsibility for blowing up the Ogboinbiri-Tebidaba and Clough Creek-Tebidaba pipelines in Bayelsa state.

The group announced the latest attack via its official Twitter handle on Thursday, June 2.

However, the Defence headquarters has declared a massive war against the new group of militants, Niger Delta Avengers, threatening the peace of Nigeria’s Niger Delta region.

This follows the continued bombing and sabotage of economic assets particularly oil platforms by militants in the Niger Delta.

In a statement last night, June 1, the Defence headquarters vowed that the armed forces will not relent in its efforts to flush out economic saboteurs perpetrating evil in the Niger Delta under whatever name including Niger Delta Avengers.
7:17 AM

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