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Ankio Briggs, an activist from the Niger Delta region has claimed that members of the Niger Delta Avengers are not from Nigeria but from Somalia.

FG deploys troops to crush Niger Delta Avengers

The group has claimed responsibility for series of bombing of oil and gas pipeline in the region and has vowed to continue to do so until all oil production from the region is grounded.

NAN reports that Ms Briggs who is a close ally of former president, Goodluck Jonathan spoke at the 17th annual convention of the Igbo Youth Movement (IYM) with the theme “Nigeria, still in pursuit of true fiscal federalism”.

The activist condemned the activities of the militants and insisted they were not from the Niger Delta region but from Somalia.

She also criticised murder of one Bridget Agbamihe by a mob in Kano for blasphemy and the activities of Fulani herdsmen in some parts of the country.

Alex Ekwueme who is a former vice president of the country called for a restructuring of the country as the colonialists planned that each region operates autonomously.

“The British colonial masters divided the country in such a way that every region will operate within its constitution,” he said.

Jerry Gana who is a former minister of information advised the government to operate true federalism as it was not right that the federal government was very rich while state were like beggars.

“True fiscal federalism is the only form of association that will allow peace and stability in the country and each region should be allowed to manage its resources the way they want it.”

“States should be allowed to manage its resources to enable them govern their people the way they want and allocate some percentage to the Federal Government.

“Government should not be far from the people and the federating unit should be made strong to meet the needs of the people.”

A Yoruba leader, Ayo Adebanjo, said that the various acts of political instability in the country were because the constitution under which the country was not properly made for it.

“To put a stop at the various uprising in the country such as Niger Delta Avengers, MASSOB, IPOB etc, our constitution needs to be changed to allow for restructuring of the country under true federalism.”

At the event, the former Anambra state governor Peter Obi supported restructuring of the country on the basis of fiscal federalism, but he warned while that was being addressed, there was need to urgently address the high cost of governance. Any governor who says he can’t pay workers’ salaries, Obi said, should give way for other persons with better ideas.
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