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“If there’s any thing I would NEVER wish for any man, it’s not being able to satisfy their wives in bed.
I don’t think any man on earth had it worse than myself. Shame and disappointment became my name… until a NATURAL solution came my way.”

“My problem wasn’t just having a small manhood, my condition was so bad that many a time, I ejaculated even before entering, but today, what worked for me has inspired and helped many guys rekindle their sex life – guys who almost lost hope just like me.”

Here is my inspiring story.
In all honesty, I was a devoted husband, and I was comfortable, working as a production manager in one of the Coca cola plants in Lagos.

Despite being super comfortable, my only problem was that I could not satisfy my wife in bed; sadly, she finally experienced the satisfaction she wanted, but not from me.

We had been married for close to 3 years, and had been on the issue all the while – medical treatments, prayer houses, local solutions, name them. It was really frustrating for her, just like it was for my first ever girl friend (at UNIBEN) who always complained about me to her friends.

I’ll be absolutely honest with you here; Nike was all nice and understanding. A rare type and beautiful young woman in her late twenties, endowed with every good things of womanhood – big backyard, a set of well positioned oranges, killer hips, sexy and charming eyes, pinky lips etc, she’s endowed! But, sadly has never enjoyed sex with me or ever known what it means to orgasm – no thanks to premature ejaculation and small manhood.

She wanted it badly.
Little wonder then she found succor in our gateman; a short dirty Akwa Ibom boy.

I know what she did was full blown adultery by all standards… but whenever I try to put myself in the shoes of a lady who remained a virgin till marriage, and has never enjoyed sex thereafter for 3 whole years, I feel for her.

On that fateful day, precisely on Friday, May 16, 2014, at around 9.23pm, I told Nike I would be going for our usual night vigil program in church along College Road, Ogba Lagos. She declined going with me.

I reasoned with myself about the stress she must have passed through during her travels over the week to see her mom, so I dressed up, picked the car key and left for the program. On getting to church, I discovered we were told to bring along pictures of our loved ones to pray on, I quickly turned my car and headed back to the house which is about 25 minutes drive.

On getting inside, I heard screams from upstairs. I ran up the stairs, two steps at a time, bounding into the bedroom to see what was wrong. What I saw left me in shock – My beloved Nike, was lying in bed making love to another man…in my matrimonial bed! She was enjoying it so much that she did not even notice I had come in.

To say the least, the small man left inside of me DIED!

But thank goodness that, that singular incident pushed me to finding the solution that eluded me for years.

A final 100% natural NAFDAC certified solution to my closely related twin problems that had defied every medication for years and has made me ‘waste’ thousands of naira with no result.

More over, while I was being ravaged by these problems, I made a vow to my God that if he finally sends a solution my way, I’ll go all out to make sure I extend same to as many men as possible, suffering from the issue.

Hence I created a platform to make my vow to God a reality… so as to be able reach out to men with similar cases… (small manhood and/or premature ejaculation)
8:41 AM

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