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Sen. Abdullahi Adamu has called out militants in the Niger Delta region to go and learn the history of Nigeria and find out where the money used to explore oil came from.

Militants in the region have been destroying oil and gas pipeline in the region and a group, Niger Delta Avengers has claimed responsibility for series of attacks in the region.

Leadership reports that the senator representing Nasarawa West spoke at the 7th Ramadan Symposium organised at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

He said the Nigerian military has what it takes to face the militants but chose the path of dialogue because of the innocent people in the region.

He accused the militants of ignorance and urged them to read about the history of the country as funds used for exploration of oil and gas before 1958 were realised from agriculture and solid minerals found in the North.

He urged the militants to have a rethink and stop destabilising the economy in the interest of national peace.

“Nigerian economy was not hinged on a mono-product revenue, oil, which only started in 1958. Was there no Nigeria before 1958? Were our people not feeding themselves before 1958 and what money did we use to start exploring oil in Nigeria?’

“The whole thing is hate mind fixation, the people who are doing this have said it before now that if Jonathan did not win election because he is their own, they will destabilise the government, they said it and it was published in papers and a lot of media carried it”.

Meanwhile, Ankio Briggs, an activist from the Niger Delta region claimed that members of the Niger Delta Avengers are not from Nigeria but from Somalia.

Ms Briggs who is a close ally of former president, Goodluck Jonathan spoke at the 17th annual convention of the Igbo Youth Movement with the theme “Nigeria, still in pursuit of true fiscal federalism”.
The activist condemned the activities of the militants and insisted they were not from the Niger Delta region but from Somalia.
11:44 AM

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