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Asif Iqbal, from Leicester, England, was left speechless when he cut open a watermelon bought at a local shop last Thursday only to find something extraordinary inside.

Asif Iqbal finds Allah written in Arabic in watermelon

A father-of-four gathered his whole family to make sure they see the same lettering — ‘Allah’ name was written in Arabic script inside the fruit. Soon bizarre news spread to their friends and neighbours who made their family house a pilgrimage destination.

Asif said: “People have been coming round to see the name – and we’ve given pieces of it away too. I’d love to tell you how many people have been here but I honestly lost count, it’s been non-stop.

Asif Iqbal said it was ‘like a blessing’

I have spoken to a scholar and he said this is just one of those things that reminds the world that Allah does exist. I was shocked when we found the name, it was like a blessing – and to have something like that come during Ramadan, too, that makes it even more special.”

The divine discovery came to light midway through the holy month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief.

This is not the first time the word Allah appears on various objects. It was spotted on fish, egg plants, cacti, melons and even on human hands and ears. However, the scholars believe that all these inscriptions are simply flukes.

People have been coming round to see the name – and we’ve given pieces of it away too

Arabic letters, unlike Latin characters, are very simple and graceful in form, meaning with a little bit of imagination one can find them naturally occurring everywhere.
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