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Police in Lagos have arrested 52-year-old Moruf Mohammed, for defiling the 7-year-old daughter of a prophetess he had visited seeking spiritual help, the Daily Post has reported.
The incident happened at the prophetess’ residence in the Ikorodu, area of the state.

The unnamed minor had just returned from school and was home alone when the suspected rapist came by the home and upon realizing that her mother was out to the market, Mohammed then raped the defenseless child.

Narrating her ordeal, the victim said Mohammed pushed her behind the door, inserted his fingers first into her vagina before he penetrated her.

Sexual assaults on children is a growing problem in Nigeria

“Immediately I came back from school, Baba Mohammed came to the house and asked after my mother. I told him that she was not at home. He then gave me N1,000, pushed me towards the door and removed my pants,” the victim said.

“When I tried to shout, he used his hands to cover my mouth. He first inserted his hands inside me before using his manhood on me.”

Mohammed was subsequently detained and confessed, claiming he did not know what came over him and that it was the work of the devil.

However, when he was paraded at the Police Command headquarters in Ikeja, Mohammed then withdrew his confession and said he was innocent.

“I am a bus driver from Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State and I have three wives. The victim’s mother called me on phone to get money for the job she was doing for me,” Mohammed said.

“When I got there, she was not at home. But I met her daughter, who had just returned from school. I went to see the victim’s mother because she is a prophetess and does some spiritual work for me.

“Unfortunately, her mother was not at home, so I gave her N1, 000. I did not touch her. A few days later they arrested me for raping the little girl.”

The mother of the victim said she came home to meet her daughter bleeding and upon inquiry, the little girl told her what Mohammed did to her.

“I knew Moruf Mohammed some time ago as he comes for some spiritual works. On Wednesday, I called him to get money for the work I have done for him,” the prophetess said.

“When I got home later, I met my daughter bleeding profusely with her uniform stained with blood. Immediately, I took her to the school where I was told nothing like that happened and that this was the handiwork of an adult. So I asked my daughter who did that to her?

“She said it was Moruf Mohammed, the client that gave her money to give to me. When we got to his place, my daughter identified him as the man that had defiled her and he was later arrested,” the victim’s mother added.
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