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Controversial human activist, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, is not ready to step down on the case of actor, Jide Kosoko and his family as she has come out to state that she will keep everyone updated on the issue.
Recall that some days back, Kemi had come out to alleged that something was just not right with Jide Kosoko, for having lost three wives just like that but some Nigerians who were still in shock of the actress sudden death never gave her audience.
While the burial is still going on in Delta state, Kemi, has come out to tell the world that she was being threatened by one of the children of the actor, Toyin Kosoko, as she awaits any form of physical challenge that will be brought against her.
But Kemi will not slow down as she said, “That fat actress Henrietta Kosoko will be buried today which leaves actor Jide Kosoko with one last wife standing. But wait, Henrietta Kosoko did not slump and die. She was seriously mysteriously ill and went home. Relapsed and returned to the hospital where she died. To the know it alls. Two of her children are not Jide Kosoko's children and the one I responded to in my viral video is not her son. Prolly from the previously dead wives. There are many facts still developing. As an investigative and opinion journalist, I will keep u updated.”
She further went on to disclose that some Nollywood practitioners have reported her to her father, Victor Omololu, but he laughed at them and told them that she has done same to him also.
“Everyone in the Nollywood playright association has called him all yesterday to report me for what I said about Jide Kosoko. He told them that I have my opinions on everything in society and laughed that I even accused him of patronizing babalawos and ritualists too. My dad is out of that world now. What can he do to change my views? Nothing he told the dumbasses. He however told me to calm down on my statuses,” she wrote.
7:19 PM

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