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Nollywood actress, Funke Adesiyan, has just landed herself in trouble after she made an attempt on the current administration by stating that President Muhammadu Buhari, is only fighting his enemy and not helping the country.
Angered with the fact that people cannot find tomatoes in the market to buy she pointed out that rather than the President to help find solutions to the country’s challenges for the sake of those who cannot afford things, he is busy looking for whom to punish.
In her words, “It's time for Nigerians to put partisan politics aside and address issues affecting us a nation. President Buhari isn't concerned about the economical growth of this country. He is only interested in crushing his enemies. It's unimaginable that tomato is more scarce than petrol.
Tomato ebola or not, a serious nation will rise above still waters. What is our government doing for us to rise above this? spend three times what we used to only living and all the president is concerned about is witch-hunting? Absolutely laughable! bring back tomatoes. Wake up Nigeria.”
But this did not go down well for her as she was once into politics but failed to clinch a position as a fan called her attention to the fact that she hardly stays in the country and cannot understand the situation of things in the country.
Here is a twist to her comment which someone felt shouldn’t have come from someone like her; “I thought you were into politics in Oyo state, you should have good words for citizens to lift their spirit. I’m sure you watch the back of your television not to know insect has taken over tomatoes farm. Mr President didn’t store them in his garage. I can’t believe you much when all you do is expose body because you’re on vacation outside the country.”
Funke sure was ready for any form of attack as she made it known that she is a more religious person than the person trying to fight her.
In her response, “ I understand you. I understand your stupidity in thinking it is wrong to expose body at a pool side in a country belonging to Muslims. What made you think you believe in Allah more than I do? Or you understand Islam more than I do? However, I owe my people a voice when the whole nation is going hungry and people can barely feed. If you don't like my post, stupidly take yourself off my timeline. Regards.”
But her fan had more words for her by making her know not as a celebrity, there are some words she needs not to use. “Mind you when you want to comment or call attention of a fan don’t ever use the word stupid it really rude. I don’t use abusive so i still won't use it on you. Maturity.”
8:15 PM

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