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Dr Oladunni Adetola, chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), told journalist during a press conference at Abeokuta, Ogun state capital, while briefing them on the resolution arrived by the doctors.

Information had it that when the association of medical doctors begin the indefinite strike, they will restrict it to Mondays and Tuesdays only, pending the time the government of Ogun state meet their demands.

Doctors embarking on a strike action

Among what the doctors are demanding from the state government include recruitment of more doctors, provision of drugs in hospital pharmacies, improved condition of service, and improvement of basic infrastructure at the state hospitals.
The chairman of the NMA stated:

“Imagine a general hospital having only a doctor covering it. Most of our hospitals have less than half of the personnel they had about seven to eight years ago.

“The laboratories are not equipped and common essential drugs are not available at the pharmacies, thereby pushing the citizens to buy substandard drugs from outside the hospitals.”

When Dr Adetola was asked by newsmen if they have complained on their needs to the government, and if they have channeled their grievances to the appropriate authorities. He said they have written tonnes of letters to various authorities, explaining further that, “series of letters to call the attention of the government to this anomaly have been written before now. The effect is glaring in the poor health indices of the state.

“As a professional body, we should justify the confidence reposed in us. Health is a right and Ogun State citizens deserve the best. It was resolved at an emergency general meeting of the association that members should commence on a Monday and Tuesday strike every week starting from Monday 13th June till above mentioned problems are corrected.”

It was a few days ago that Dr Muhammad Askira, president of the body of resident doctors told journalists on Tuesday, June 7, that the body had a plan of embarking on a nationwide strike.
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