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The leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress has said that the governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomhole is their worst disappointment since the increase in the price of fuel by the federal government.

Speaking exclusively to, the chairman of NLC, Enugu state chapter, Virginus Nwobodo said the union was disappointed over various comments made by Oshiomhole during the strike period.

“And we are disappointed, that somebody like Adams Oshiomhole, who even while he was in power had fought this kind of battle – under Obasanjo administration – and today even in his state, he is telling workers: no work no pay. We are disappointed in him,”  Nwobodo said.

He said: “He was also in state house telling NLC that the price increase is not bad, that it is good. In fact if we not disappointed in Buhari – we may look at Buhari and say maybe because of his understanding about the economy – but Adams understands political economy more than Buhari, I suppose.”

He said the Edo governor understands political economics more than the president and should be wise enough to know what to do any particular time in relation to that.

“He understands who should do what and at what time,” he said.
Nwobodo said the strike was called off after the union review some of its actions and realsied the Nigerian populace was suffering more

“The FG was saying if we do not call off they would not continue with the discussions – like an ego issue – that is not right, we are in a democratic system, a government of the people for the people.

“Not just Tinubu, so many prominent Nigerians visited the secretariat over this issues, they urged the NLC to call off the strike and allow discussions between the FG and NLC leaders.

“There was already hardship in the land, the masses for which he is meant to protect, benefit may also begin to think that maybe we have a hand in their hardship or another interest.

Already, the TUC have betrayed the masses and backed out another set of people in the NLC too sold out for some selfish reasons. Because there is election and you are not happy with the way it was conducted, you go to court and seek redress,” Nwobodo said.

Speaking on the disobedience of court order by the labour union, Nwobodo debunked claims in the media that the NLC was served with a court injunction retraining it from embarking on strike.

He said: “No, there was no court order served to the NLC by the federal government, we were not aware, it was not served. We only heard it on the television, radio but did not physically receive anything; if you have served me, I would sign an acknowledgement that I received this ooo!”

“There was no injunction, we heard about the injunction but did not get anything.
“In the morning of that day, we were watching TV when they said, court restrains NLC from embarking on strike and we finished that meeting till around 5pm or 6pm and there was no injunction, it is a game.

“And besides federal government have refused to honour injunctions and court orders in this country, we even have the right to accuse them but they do not have the right to accuse us because they did not serve us.

“Also, the procedure of the National Industrial Court is circumvented already, we are labour leaders and we know what NIC represent. It is our court,” Nwobodo added.

The NLC had on Sunday, May 22, called off its one week strike over government’s increase of fuel pump price.

The president of the NLC, Ayuba in Abuja had said that the strike was called of action was taken in the best interest of the poor and the weak.

Having called off the strike, the labour leaders have also gone back to negotiating with the federal government on the fuel price that was increased from N86.50 to N145 per litre.
8:32 PM

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