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Former chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ikeja, Lagos branch, Monday Ubani, declared this morning that the flopped industrial action embarked upon by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) was a sign that the citizens have lost interest in the union.
“NLC has been disgraced,” he said.

A faction of the body led by Ayuba Wabba had on Wednesday declared a strike action and series of protests against the government for increasing the pump price for premium motor spirit, also called petrol.

His order was however rebuffed by workers and Ubani said this is because the workers and the masses have continued to see the organised labour as betrayers.

In 2012, the labour movement hijacked the protest begun by some civil society groups including the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) to register their disapproval of a new price regime for petrol by the government.

Days later, the NLC and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) met with the government without the knowledge of their affiliates.

Nigerians were disappointed when they suddenly called off the mass action saying they had agreed with the government on N97 per litre from the N140 announced by Goodluck Jonathan, then president of the country.

Ubani, a vocal lawyer in the country, said Nigerians had not forgiven labour for that betrayal explaining that this was partly why its decision to embark on strike was discredited.

The lawyer also said the NLC failed because it had no idea on how to battle the government except its old method.

According to him, every war deserves a new strategy, but the NLC did not consider this.

Ubani maintained that the average Nigerian had many challenges stemming from the environment he lives in and that the NLC had been nowhere around the people.

Monday Ubani says Nigerians angry with NLC

For example, he said, there are issues of casualisation of workers, victimisation in workplaces, the issue of low income, but that instead of tackling these, the NLC is fighting a personal battle.

Since the people are angry with the NLC, there is no way they could support their war against the government, he said on a Radio Continental programme monitored by our correspondent.

On Tuesday, Joe Ajaero, the chairman of the other faction of the NLC, had said he was not part of the strike action because it was not in the interest of the peoples.

Ajaero said instead, that the Wabba faction was using the opportunity to blackmail the government to write-off a N2 billion loan against the union instead of standing on the side of the masses.

 Report has it that a faction of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) failed on Thursday to ground flights at the Lagos airport in what has now being considered an unsuccessful attempt to force a reduction of fuel price on the government.

A strike action embarked upon by the Ayuba Wabba-led faction of the body on Wednesday failed woefully as Nigerians continued with their normal activities.

There had been crisis in the NLC and this is considered one of the reasons the action against government failed.

Adelegan Solomon, a senior official, on Wednesday vowed that no flight would land or take off from the airport if the government refuses to reverse the pump price from N86.50 to N145 per litre.
12:18 PM

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