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For the first time in years, Nigerians have refused to show solidarity to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in its industrial action.

The NLC alongside the Trade Union Congress (TUC) had vowed to continue with their proposed industrial action to force the federal government to reverse to the former pump price of petrol (now pegged at N145), but Nigerians failed to join the movement.
More protests are expected across the nation in few days time

Nigerians have refused to join the protesters.

There was even a meeting late into the night of Tuesday, May 17, between the federal government and the labour workers to reach a compromise over the proposed action, but the meeting ended in a deadlock.

It was gathered, however, that the federal government has agreed to set up a committee that will review the new fuel pump price as well as the minimum wage issue which the workers have been agitating over.

But for the industrial action, findings revealed that people have carried on with their usual daily activities as they believe the NLC strike does not hold water anymore.

From Lagos to Ogun, Edo, and several parts of the country, Nigerians were seen carrying on with their normal daily activities unperturbed.

This, it was gathered, is as a result of the negative impact the industrial action would have on the citizens, many of who live from hand to mouth and on their daily jobs.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church in Nigeria called on the labour to have a rethink on their plan to go on strike to avoid throwing the nation into chaos.

Vanguard reports that the director of communication of Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Very Rev. Fr, Patrick Alumuku, urged Nigerians to give the federal government the benefit of the doubt.

Alumuku commented on the current economic meltdown in the country while fielding questions from journalists during a press conference on his 35th priestly anniversary and the public presentation of his autobiography “Candle Wax” in Abuja, on Tuesday, May 17.
8:20 AM

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