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A group, Stand up Nigeria (SUN) has sent a message to President Muhammadu Buhari not to revive the payment of fuel subsidy as it was a monster eating the country’s treasury.

Since the removal of fuel subsidy by the federal government, there has been divided opinion in support and against the move. The Nigeria Labour Congress declared a nationwide strike on Wednesday, May 18 to protest the removal of fuel subsidy but Vanguard reports that SUN described subsidy as fraudulent construct by cabals in government and the petroleum sector to aid them rob the country blind.

Comrade Sunday Attah who is the national secretary of SUN presented a speech at the office of the secretary to the federation in a peaceful protest in Abuja on Wednesday, May 18.

He commended President Buhari for taking the bold step to remove subsidy which has provided some people with the opportunity to loot the country.

“We are in a hurry to bury Subsidy Corruption even before it is certified thoroughly dead because we do not want to risk the cabals bringing in experts from the organised labour and compromised experts from the CSOs to revive an evil that is best dead.

“This abomination should be interred before it reanimates and cause further damages in our land. Our sincere hope is that the other productive sectors of the economy – education, health, transport, manufacturing and others – can now thrive with the death of Subsidy Corruption. Its death has ushered in an era of citizens taking more interest in governance and demanding accountability.”

“No blackmail should make the government revive this monster. Nigerians want subsidy payment and the corruption it typifies buried forever without the possibility of it resurrecting again. This outing today confirms to Mr President that Nigerian Civil Society Groups welcome the removal of subsidy.

“We want to be free of the fraudulent groups and individuals that had hidden under it to feed fat to the detriment of the rest of the population. Please Mr President on no account should Subsidy Corruption be revived. This appeal is especially against the backdrop that a few members of your cabinet have been promoting the idea that it was foreign currency support that was withdrawn and not subsidy.”

Meanwhile, the NLC has commenced the second day of strike asking the government to reduce the price of petrol or continue with the strike action for as long as possible.

This is in spite of a court injunction calling on the congress not to embark on a strike action.
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