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Think journalist and the first image that comes to mind is a curious, ballsy creature who won’t rest till there is a fact. Well, we are curious creatures who just can’t rest till we know every side of the story.

Journalism is a profession that stands out among others because of the eclectic variety of skills it requires of a person.

Yes, it seems unusual to date a writer. But here are some reasons why you should take up the challenge and walk down the aisle with one:

1. They’re not afraid to take risks

Being a journalist is all about using any means necessary to not only find the perfect story but to back it up with credible sources. When it comes to your relationship, you won’t have to worry about scaring him or her off with those rumors of your past; they would rather get to know you first before making any hasty decisions.

2. They’re Creative

Whether it’s brainstorming a clickable headline, finding new story ideas or taking a fresh spin on an event, journalists are constantly crafting interesting, clever stories. And this way with words extends out of the newsroom, too. Whether they write you love letters, funny texts or birthday cards, you can guarantee it’ll be one-of-a-kind.

3. They’re pro at gathering evidence

If a journalist thinks you are up to something fishy, he or she won’t just speculate. they’ll ‘gather’ evidence and then confront you. It’ll be hard for you to fight with a printout under your nose underlining your crime.

4. Journalists know details

Journalists are knowledgeable and well-informed people. They see and know more than ordinary people should know. They have an opinion about every damn thing, so if you start a conversation with them they will know how to keep it going. Journalists not only have a lot of stories to tell, they are also good listeners. That’s what makes them good friends and partners.

5. Journalists have principles

Journalists always believe in causes and have dreams for a better future. They passionately fight for their beliefs, which make them more attractive than the rest. They won’t change their mind just because a situation changes and they won’t break up with you because you’ve become busier. Once they love, they love deeply.

6. Journalists are super smart

With a journalist you are guaranteed of having smart kids! Journalists are smart and creative, they are trained writers and English language is part of their DNA.

7. They’re not money-obsessed

Gold diggers? No way. If you’ve ever seen salary reports by profession, you’ll know journalists aren’t in it to get rich. Instead, they’re passionate about what they do. But that’s not to say they don’t enjoy some of the free perks. They’ll surely bring home some cool freebies.
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