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According to reports, the late danfo driver identified as 46-year-old Muyiwa Ijaduola, who was allegedly killed by a police officer over bribe, died from an epilepsy attack.

The driver who was identified by an ID card found on him, was said to be a staff of the department of works of Joseph Ayo Babalola university. He had reportedly picked passengers from Iyana-Iba to Isheri, and had stopped at Igando after he was accosted by two policewomen who demanded for N2,000 from him. Late Ijaduola reportedly offered them N300 instead, after they refused to take the money, he reportedly promised to give them more money if they’d let him return on another trip.

Eyewitnesses said one of the policewomen dragged the driver out of the vehicle and proceeded to hit him with her baton. He was reportedly pushed inside a ditch for about 15 minutes before he was brought out.

He was unfortunately found to be dead while still clutching the N300 he had earlier offered the policewomen. The policewomen took to their heels when they discovered Ijaduola had passed on. The corpse was reportedly abandoned for up to seven hours before it was removed from the spot.

The Lagos state police command on hearing the accusation leveled against their own, cleared their members, stating epilepsy attack as the cause of Ijaduola’s death. The deputy spokesperson of the command, Mr Ozoani Chukwuma, reportedly ascribed the incident to be a case of ‘sudden and unnatural death’.

Here’s what he reportedly said:
“What happened at Igando was a case of sudden and unnatural death of a commercial bus driver suspected to have had epileptic attack at Oye Bus-stop, Igando, while calling passengers into his bus. He consequently fell into the gutter. Two policewomen on traffic duty at the bus stop quickly called on sympathizers to help him out. He was unconscious when brought out, and he was rushed to the General hospital, where he was confirmed dead.”
10:30 AM

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