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Honorable Ahmed Idris

He noted in a recent interview that he main problem of the country is the Nigerian factor of greed and selfishness from the part of the chief executives who, possibly for one reason or the other, betrayed the trust that was bestowed on them by Nigerians.

Daily Post reports that Honorable Idris went on to cast a vote of confidence on the capability of President Muhammadu Buhari to transform the economy.

He said: “First of all, when the APC took over the rein of affairs, the nation was in ruins and I can say that Mr President was overwhelmed by that. There was no difference from the PDP at the state, federal and local government.

“I have always been on the opposition since I joined politics. From what I found out in my local government, when we took stock of inventory of what they left on ground, they left a debt of over 900 million naira and now the people are expecting the new chairman to perform a magic.

“But the little resources that come in are used to service this debt. I also serve in the transition committee of the estate. The total in debt left for the present government was over 230 or something billion naira and what was on ground as at the time the government came to power was just about 90 or something million.

That is why I am saying that the government, both state and federal of the PDP did the same thing. They destroy the whole polity before leaving but I can enjoin Nigeria to be a little patient.

You can see that now we can sleep with our eyes closed because of security. PDP might be shouting, criticising government but when you have dollars today in your house and there is no security, you cannot enjoy that dollar.”

Reacting to question on the unity of the House of reps, Honorable Idris sai “We are very united. Anything you see or hear is just the intrigues of power. There is no way you will have democracy and the same opinion.

“I worked for Dogara because in him I have seen leadership and I believe we can have a better House of Representative under him. In the sixth assembly, I worked for Tambuwal and we stood by him till the end.

“I like Dogara because he joined APC when it wasn’t taken seriously. He was from the minority tribe and most of his people were supporting PDP. Yet he was courageous to leave that party and joined the then opposition that many thought would never see the light of the day. That is the singular reason why I supported and developed deep respect for Dogara.

“He showed that he was working based on his conviction at the time when people were tearing Nigeria. That person is a leader.”

Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has reacted to the rescue of Amina Ali, one of the abducted Chibok girls by the Nigerian army.

Amina was rescued in the Sambisa Forest, close to the border with Cameroon on Tuesday, May 18 alongside her Boko Haram husband. The PDP congratulated the Nigerian army for a good job but criticised the All Progressives Congress (APC) for playing politics with the security of Nigerians.

The PDP via its social media said the APC claimed there was no weapon and that the infamous Dasukigate saga rendered the army powerless.

It said the clearance of Sambisa by the army and the rescue of the Chibok girl showed that the army is well equipped as against the claim by the APC government that the army was ill equipped due to the misappropriation of fund meant for the purchase of arms.
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