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Pro-Biafra activists protest in London

Another pro-Biafran activist, who was arrested in London during the protest against President Muhammadu Buhari, has said he is afraid to be extradited to Nigeria.

IBTimes UK reports that Immanuel Yaghozie, editor of Biafra 24, was among three other protesters who were arrested in London on 12 May.

The protesters were arrested as they moved to confront the Nigerian president, while his convoy approached the site of the protest, held near Buckingham Palace.

The man fears that, should he be deported to Nigeria, Buhari-led government will try him for treasonable felony and “attempting to dethrone the president”.

He said: “We tried to confront him because corruption is not just about money embezzlement or misappropriation of funds, it has to do with President Buhari’s disobedience to court orders. That is impunity.

Conditional bail document of Immanuel Yaghozie

“This was our intention, to protest about all these issues. But police officers did not allow us to do that.”

The Westminster magistrates’ court has released Yaghozie and Chikeluo Obuana, but the third activist, Onyinyechukwu Ezeosika, was jailed to 12 weeks over using “threatening words at the Buhari’s motorcade.”

Yaghozie is now being probed for “interfering with witnesses or otherwise obstructing the course of justice”.

“The Nigerian government accused me of operating an illegal radio. Biafra 24 is listed in the case of Nnamdi Kanu and I started this with him. I formed the 10,000-strong men battalion used to raise funds for the operation of the network and the prototype is mine. I am listed in Kanu’s case and the Nigerian government would prosecute me as well, but I am not scared.”
Meanwhile, the Nigerian embassy in London has not commented the development yet.

Despite being arrested since October, Nnamdi Kanu’s trial has yet to get under way, a postponement his lawyers attribute to the state’s inability to bring a strong case against him.

However, mass protests calling for his release in the southeast cities of Aba and Owerri have been ceased.
6:10 PM

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