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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has expressed assurance that a sovereign state of Biafra will be achieved either alive or dead despite the long detention of its leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Stressing that the leadership qualities of Kanu has no equal among present day politicians, the group called on Nigerian leaders to take a cue from him.

The Sun reports that the call was contained in a statement made by Emma Powerful, the media and publicity secretary of IPOB.

“Love him or hate him, one thing we admire about this young leader, Kanu, is his boldness, courage and awesome leadership qualities to defend what he believes in.

“His affair with the (President Muhammadu) Buhari-led government has kept a lot of tongues wagging on how hateful and inciting his utterances have been towards Nigeria.

“Some have condemned him with death sentences in their heart but, what we can’t deny is that presently, there is no leader like him in Nigeria. His arrest and incarceration and the uproar has shown us that truly, a good name is better than riches or gold,” the statement read in part.

According to the group, there has never been a politician present or dead who has influence and attention Kanu had achieved even while in detention.

“For a typical Southerner to be ready and willing to give his or her life for someone and a cause like the release of his leader without any lobbying, such a leader mustn’t be toyed with.

“To Nigerian leaders, we advise you to take a cue from IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

“When the IPOB took to the streets for the release of our leader, Mazi Kanu and for the restoration of Biafra, Nigerians tagged them ‘losers and jobless miscreants.’

“These remarks even came from high profile Nigerians. Some believed that their protest will die a natural death as usually seen in many parts of the country, but, that’s where we got it wrong, for so long the dust has been gathering,” IPOB stated.
IPOB noted that Biafra has one thing that Nigeria seriously lacks – a good leader who inspires others and match words with actions.

“No sane Nigerian would want to lay down his life for any leader in this kind of country, even when paid huge sums, especially from the southern Nigeria. But, Nnamdi Kanu broke this jinx, hence, whether dead or alive is a hero and a leader to reckon with.

“The kind of inspiration or motivation he planted in the minds of his followers that we haven’t come across before are the truth and honesty,” it said.

IPOB stressed that every member of the group was ready to die for Biafra or its leader, who has laid down his life for his people.

In a statement issued a few days ago, IPOB assured Nigerians that it would the actualize a sovereign state of Biafra without recourse to war.

The group stressed that its agitation for Biafra was without intention to destroy Nigeria, adding that it respects the country and its government.
9:16 AM

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